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Upgrade Your Home Media Center with these Tips

Upgrade Your Home Media Center with these Tips

One of the biggest challenges in interior design is incorporating all of your entertainment needs into your décor style. Whether you’re a book worm that rarely uses the TV, or a movie buff who regularly indulges in binge-watching marathons, you need to find the setup that works for your lifestyle and your interior look. Today we’re breaking down our favorite tips for working your media center into your living room look without sacrificing style or functionality.

Pick your Priorities

While some apartment-dwellers believe in the bigger-is-better mentality when it comes to screens, others are perfectly happy with a smaller TV and perhaps more space to show off books, records, or artwork. If this is you, embrace your personal style. Instead of taking up precious wall space with a big screen, invest in a quality media center that leaves room for what you love. This shabby chic piece from Wayfair brings cozy vibes to any space, and provides plenty of opportunity to show off other curated home décor pieces.

Go Big or Go Home

If the thought of downsizing your entertainment center is giving you the shakes, fear not. There are plenty of trendy ways to incorporate big screens into a chic living room vibe. We personally love a wall-mounted moment, as it frees up floor space for the perfect corresponding media stand to house all your accessories. This floating duo design from All Modern gives your space a clean and tucked away feel, while still giving you the room you need to store gaming consoles, speakers, and a cable box.

Project that Picture

If you really want the home-theatre feel, consider investing in a projector with a screen you can fold up and down as needed. Not only will your place be the go-to spot for movie nights, big games, and season finales of your favorite show, but you’ll be able to fold up your entertainment center so it’s out of the way when not in use. While the projector is a bit of a splurge, the screens are actually quite affordable when compared with TVs. This motorized retractable projection screen will upgrade your space into the home-theatre of your dreams for under $200.00.

Don’t Forget to Hide the Loose Ends

The simplest way to upgrade your entertainment center from amateur to pro level is to conceal all your wires and cables. This seemingly small detail makes an enormous difference as it will instantly clean up your wall space, make both your room and your screen feel bigger and tidier, and enhance your viewing experience overall. There are many options for cable concealing, but we recommend a raceway kit like this one that can be mounted to your ceiling or wall with screws so you don’t have to worry about faulty adhesive backing that will inevitably fall down and make a mess over time.

In the market for the at-home theatre of your dreams? Contact an Olympus property near you to find out about our available floor plans so you can transform your living room into the go-to spot for the big game.