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Multi-Use Furniture for Apartment Living

Multi-Use Furniture for Apartment Living

It’s amazing how much space you can save by getting clever. These days, there is a whole market for tiny home living, and while we’re not quite there yet (we love our open-concept floor plans just a little too much) we can all take a page out of the tiny home book and invest in some genius space-saving furniture to get even more out of our homes. We’re all about reducing wasted space and getting smart with our design, especially if it means even more room to sprawl out and relax. Read on for our favorite smart furniture designs!

The Murphy Bed

There is perhaps no better space-saver investment than a Murphy Bed. Imagine what you could do with your bedroom if your bed folded up into the wall each morning! A home office, a studio space, a lounge… the options are endless. Murphy Beds come in all shapes and sizes, from minimalist designs to those with built-in closets and shelving units. This incredible option allows for both a desk and a bed, so you wouldn’t even need to invest in additional furniture. For a more streamlined piece, try this simple frame with elegant wood finishes.

Expanding Tables

Adjustable tables of any kind, be it coffee tables or dining room tables, are crucial to maximizing your space. If your home is just for you or you and a partner, on most days small tables work just fine. However, it’s always nice to have the option to go big for holidays, get togethers, or game day. There are many ways to maximize table space, including nesting tables, convertible tables, or dining tables with a leaf insertion. We’re loving this convertible table that does just about anything you want it to.

Wall Shelving

Another great way to save floor space is by mounting shelves and other storage units on the wall. This works for just about every room, from a bookshelf in the living room, to a towel rack on the bathroom wall, to pots and pans in the kitchen. Floating bookshelves are trendy and pleasing to the eye, as are a decorative assortment of your kitchen go-to’s hanging from a tile backsplash.

Skip the Coffee Table

On the topic of shelves, consider investing in a couch shelving unit that could replace your coffee table altogether. Not only does this free up living room space, but it’s an easy project to do on a budget. All you need is wood shelving and materials to mount your new accessory. Simply move your furniture a few feet off the wall, and install a shelf that meets the back of the couch. For DIY instructions, check out this tutorial from Effierow.

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