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Simple Steps to Cultivate the Perfect Home Office

Simple Steps to Cultivate the Perfect Home Office

Whether you’re studying for a degree, writing for a publication, or simply enjoy a well-appointed desk to sit down at and read the morning news, a home office can bring a whole lot of productive energy into your living space. While everyone has their own personal style, we can all agree that getting work done is always more enjoyable when you feel calm and comfortable in your work area. While you may not be totally in control of your desk at work, you’re the boss at home, which creates a fun opportunity to design the home office of your dreams. We’re letting you in on our tried-and-true methods for a productive place of business.

Go with what Suits You

It can be tempting to jump on the first plastic desk organizer you find in Staples or Office Max, but we implore you to think outside the box when it comes to desk décor. An eclectic mix of containers and organizers to store your supplies can be a fun opportunity to express yourself. Try using a decorative bowl or a vintage coffee mug from your favorite vacation spot as a container to hold pens, pencils, paperclips, or other small items you need on hand.

Keep it Streamlined

Nothing hinders productivity like a cluttered work space. Since desks tend to be high-traffic areas where paper pile-up is somewhat inevitable, do your best to keep your surface otherwise clutter-free. Instead of placing picture frames and other mementos on desk surfaces, hang them up on the wall around your work-space. This way you can still enjoy the view without any of the mess.

Invest in a Statement Piece

The market is flooded with affordable desk supplies like staplers, scissors, rulers, pens, and pencils, and while these are great, if it’s within your means, consider investing in one piece that really stands out. Chances are it will last virtually forever, and will bring some integrity and inspiration to your work area. We love this stapler from Poketo, or this stunning brass pencil holder from Ferm Living.

Keep it Moving

Just as we want to keep our ideas and thoughts fresh, our desktop should be an extension of this theme. Fight burnout by continually introducing new items to your desktop. This could mean swapping out picture frames on the wall around your desk, or investing in a new organizational tool every few months to keep it interesting.

Light it Up

The best way to cut down on eye strain from reading and to keep you alert is to make sure your space is well-lit. Opt for lighter window treatments to boost natural lighting, and if you’re still not getting enough, make sure you have bright white bulbs in place in your office space. You can also spring for a trendy desk lamp that can serve as both décor and a light source.

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