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The Apartment Renter’s Guide to a Bathroom Makeover

The Apartment Renter’s Guide to a Bathroom Makeover

These days, extravagant claw-foot tubs and vintage basin sinks are all over Pinterest, captioned #bathroomgoals, and while we admire the aesthetic, sometimes we need a simpler route when it comes to revamping our bathrooms. Today we’re covering our favorite tips and tricks for redesigning your bathroom without reinventing the wheel.

Find a Shower Curtain you Love

This may seem like the obvious first step, but you’d be surprised at what a difference a well-made, carefully chosen shower curtain will do for your bathroom aesthetic. If you’re feeling the need to liven up your space, choose a bold color or pattern. If its already busy with tiling or other design details, find a calming motif you know you’ll never get sick of staring at. We love this cheery peach pattern, or for something more subtle, this serene dream in white; both from Urban Outfitters.

Give Your Fixtures some TLC

If you’re having fixture envy, but don’t want to or can’t swap them out for new ones, try giving them a good shine and buff. This relatively easy and insanely satisfying task will breathe new life into your space and give your bathroom that brand-new sparkle and shine feeling.

While You’re at it, Give the Tiles a Scrub

Sometimes, throughout our busy days, we don’t even realize when a space is looking dingier than it should. A bathroom is one of those spaces that gradually collects dust and grime through routine use, and you’d be surprised at how much you can turn things around in one afternoon with some elbow grease. Commit to clearing your bathroom out and going to town on a deep clean. We promise that when you’re done it’ll feel like a brand-new start.

Try a Statement Rug

If you’ve been eyeing funky tiles and statement patterns on all your favorite lifestyle websites, fear not. You can add this pop of color and jazz for a fraction of the energy and cost with a bold rug. Try this beauty from Anthropologie for a mix of color and texture.

…Or Temporary Wallpaper

While you may not be able to paint or add permanent wallpaper to your apartment, there are many fun and effective options that are temporary and perfect for renters. Many home décor outfitters like Wayfair and Home Depot sell units of stick and peel wallpaper that are both durable and non-damaging to walls. You can experiment with multiple different patterns and styles and even move them to other spaces in your home, as they are reusable. This is a fun way to feel out bold styles you may not normally spring for in a more permanent design decision.

There are so many fun and exciting ways to spruce up your space. For more information, or to inquire about an Olympus property near you, contact us today!