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Usher Fall into Your Home with These Simple Tips

Usher Fall into Your Home with These Simple Tips

While it certainly may not feel like it in many parts of the country, Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, and fall is approaching right before our eyes. After a long, hot summer, we always welcome this change of pace and shift in perspective as a new beginning and a chance to focus on making our home a warm and cozy place while the weather outside takes a different route. Today we’re talking all about how to usher fall into your home with simple, affordable design and décor tips.

Add an Accent Color

The change of seasons is a great time to add a new touch of color or a different pattern to your interior theme. Something as simple as a throw pillow or low-budget wall art can breathe new life into a space and help you mentally transition from summer to fall. We love earthy, fall tones like this velvety throw pillow in chartreuse from Crate and Barrel, or this shimmering, golden banner by Urban Outfitters.

Bring in the Scents of the Season

Another great way to get yourself and your home in a cozy, autumn mindset is by bringing in the smells of the season. Citrus and florals were great for summer, but now it’s time to settle in with more traditional fall candle scents. If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice, chai, and the sweeter, spicier fall scents, try this Pumpkin Chai candle from Nest. For an earthier vibe, go with Jo Malone London’s cult classic Incense & Embers candle that promises to bring you a smoky scent with touches of white pepper, leather, and silver fir.

Let There Be Light

While we are blessed with endless days and bright sunshine throughout the summer months, the turn of the seasons brings a little less light into our home. While this can be a hardly noticeable bummer for some, others are affected much more by the lack of light in colder months. If you’re part of the latter group, get out ahead of this seasonal side-effect and brighten up your space. One great way to do this is by incorporating more mirrors in your home, and strategically placing them where they will catch light from the windows and reflect it onto shadier spots. You may also want to invest in a new statement lamp with a hue that makes you happy, like this favorite of ours from Ikea.

Bring Fall to Your Kitchen

When all else fails to get you excited about the colder months, food usually does the trick. There’s nothing quite like the smells of cinnamon and spice coming from the oven to make you forget all about the beach days in your rear view. While everyone has their seasonal go-to, we feel pretty confident in recommending this stellar pumpkin bread recipe that will soon become a family staple.

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