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Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Ideas

Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Ideas

As summer comes to a close, sometimes we’re all out of ideas for how to plan trips, weekends, parties, and activities. However, Labor Day Weekend is one final chance to make the most of the season, and come February when everything feels drab, dark, and cold, you’ll wish you had taken advantage of every moment of summer vacation. Today we’re here with some last-minute ideas to help you celebrate the final moments of summer in style.

Host a Potluck

We know that hosting a get-together can feel overwhelming, but if you take some of the pressure off yourself by outsourcing the menu, things get much simpler. You can keep your party small by inviting only close friends and family, and encourage people to bring their favorite dish for an eclectic mix of tastes. All you need to do is get the drinks, make a playlist, and spread the word. For a fun twist, choose a cuisine or theme and have all your guests rise to the challenge of making a dish that fits the mood of the night.

Camp-out Close to Home

Who says you have to go far to have a getaway? If you love camping but don’t have the time to plan an elaborate weekend trip, take your tent to the backyard for a staycation. Stock up on s’mores ingredients, roast some marshmallows, and sleep under the stars. You can even challenge yourself to un-plug from electronics and social media as you would on a typical camping trip for a true into-the-woods feel.

Plan a Day in the Park

If you want to get your friends together but don’t necessarily want the pressure of hosting, head to the park! While we hate to say it, the days that you can use the great outdoors as your venue are waning, and you may as well take advantage while you can. Coordinate with friends about who will bring different picnic items like lunch, blankets, chairs, music, and lawn games. Pick your favorite spot in the park and soak up the sunshine – or the shade – while you can!

Make a Reservation for a Fancy Night Out

A well-planned evening out can feel as indulgent as a vacation, without the stress of traveling. Crowd source for some great recommendations, or head to Yelp to scour the best restaurants in your area. Choose a spot that you may not normally head to on a Saturday night, and treat yourself by making a reservation for a group of besties or for you and your significant other. Get dolled up, order a car service, and head out on the town. You’ll feel indulged and relaxed without having to hit the road.

Tackle that DIY Project You’ve Been Putting Off

Long weekends are the perfect time for home improvement. If you’ve had a DIY idea or small project in the back of your mind for ages, it’s time to commit, prepare, and pull it off this upcoming three-day weekend. Start looking ahead now so that you can collect all the materials you’ll need to get the job done, and sail into fall with a major item checked off of your to-do list.

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