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Budget-Friendly Design Tips to Spruce up your Space

Budget-Friendly Design Tips to Spruce up your Space

No matter how much of a happy place your apartment is, every once in a while, we all yearn for something new to look at. Instead of a full design overhaul of your home (which could end up costing you the big bucks) look into little ways to add a pop of color or pizzazz on a budget. Today we’re here to help you out with our favorite inexpensive ways to breathe new life into your home!

Furniture Slipcovers

Sick of looking at that same old couch or chair you’ve had for years? While reupholstering furniture is always an option, it can be both a pricey and lengthy process. Try these furniture slipcovers as an alternative. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and come in a wide array of fun colors and patterns. You can even buy a few and switch them out throughout the seasons so you never tire of your living room décor.

Give your Coffee Table a Personal Touch

This fun hack adds style as well as personality to your living room setup. Have a piece of glass or Plexi cut to fit your coffee table, and tuck photos or postcards underneath for a pop of color and imagery. If you’ve recently gone on a trip, or have a photo album dedicated to your favorite place, this is the perfect space to showcase your stories through photography.

A Fresh Shower Curtain

The easiest, cheapest, and quickest way to give your bathroom a makeover is by purchasing a new shower curtain. There are so many fun patterns and styles out there, that you can really bring a new look to your bathroom with this simple purchase. We love the selection that Urban Outfitters offers; so many fun styles to choose from!

Hit up an Estate Sale

An awesome, budget-friendly way to acquire new and exciting pieces for your home is by attending an estate sale, auction, or tag sale near you. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This eco-friendly hack can yield some truly amazing results, too. Often, as people move, they’re desperate to downsize and will end up selling authentic and valuable antiques for a fraction of the cost.

Install a Chalkboard Wall

We love this fun and inexpensive way to personalize your space. Chalkboard wall decals are super budget-friendly, easy-as-pie to install, and can switch up a kitchen, living room, or entry way on a dime. You can invite friends and guests to sign your wall, or enlist an artistic pal to illustrate a fun mural that’s uniquely yours. You can order these online on Amazon or pick them up at your local home decorating store.

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