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The Best Apartment-Friendly At-Home Workouts

The Best Apartment-Friendly At-Home Workouts

At this point, most of us know the many health benefits of staying active and working out regularly. While the gym is a great place to do just that, we all have those days where we can’t quite get ourselves there. Maybe it’s an issue of time throughout your busy day, maybe it’s cold or rainy or otherwise unpleasant outside, or maybe you just simply don’t feel like it. We’re all human and this happens, but it doesn’t mean your workout routine must suffer. We’re here today with tips for an apartment-friendly at-home workout that you can complete in the comfort of your own home. Skip the gym without the guilt!

Invest in a Jump Rope

If you’re a fan of the treadmill or elliptical at the gym, replace it with a jump rope for at-home workouts. Jumping rope has been proven to have many incredible health benefits, including improving cognitive function and coordination, and strengthening elasticity and resiliency in lower-leg muscles which in turn decreases your risk of injury. Ten minutes of jumping rope is the equivalent of running one 8-minute mile, so if you’re a cardio fan, this is your go-to at-home option. Plus, once you invest in a jump rope, you can bring it on the road with you when you travel so you’ll never miss a cardio workout again!

…And Resistance Bands

If you’re used to lifting weights at the gym and don’t have huge dumbbells lying around at home, resistance bands are your next best option. Resistance bands come in a variety of styles and usually a pack will include low, medium, and heavy-rated bands for switching up intensity. This workout tool is dynamic and versatile in that it can target just about any muscle group you want to focus on. Check out this handy guideline for killer resistance band workouts you can do from the comfort of home.

Take to Pinterest

While commonly known for home improvement tips and dinner recipes, Pinterest is also a treasure-trove for workout guides. You can search for at-home workouts and tailor your search to cardio, upper body, lower body, abs, or full-body, and we promise there will be plenty of pins to choose from. There are even quiet, apartment-friendly workout guides if you live above neighbors and don’t want to wake up the whole building. Check it out!

Or YouTube!

While reading a workout guide can be great, if it includes moves you’ve never done before, sometimes it can be super helpful to watch an expert model them in a video. Many fitness experts have how-to guides on YouTube that can help to motivate you while also ensuring that you’re completing the workout correctly and reducing your risk of injury. A quick YouTube search should yield hundreds of results for each kind of workout you’re interested in.

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