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The Best Wedding Gifts for Apartment Dwellers

The Best Wedding Gifts for Apartment Dwellers

If you’ve been invited to a wedding this summer (or two, or three...) you know how tricky it can be to find the perfect gift, and how much trickier that can get when the soon-to-be married couple lives in an apartment or a small home with limited space. Don’t waste any more time scrolling through registries, because we’re here with our best ideas for inspired gifts that take up just the right amount of space in the home.

Add Some Ambiance

Smaller homes and apartments can certainly be cozy, but they often lack that one element associated with curling up on a chilly evening; a fireplace. This ceramic fireplace heater is the perfect addition to any living room, and can be used on low, high, or glow-only settings for that cozy vibe you want throughout all four seasons. While it’s not the real deal, it’s pretty darn close.

Get Clever with Furniture

In smaller apartments, floor space is coveted. The best way to save room and keep the home feeling uncluttered is by getting creative and innovative with furniture choices. We love this wooden clip-on armchair table that’s perfect for a cup of coffee, a book, or a glass of wine, and takes up much less space than a traditional end table.

Another clever trick is nesting furniture. These small tables are flexible for multi-purpose use and don’t take up space when they’re not needed. Having company over? Spread them all out. Just the newlywed couple spending a night in? Stack them up and save space for a clutter-free vibe!

Pocket-Sized Appliances that Impress

Just because a space is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean it has to fall behind the times. This teeny pocket-sized projector connects to smart phones and tablets and allows you to project movies onto any flat surface at up to a 1920 x 1080 solution for a truly cinematic feel. This unique gift will knock it out of the park and may even get you an invite to your newlywed friends’ first movie night.

If music is your thing, gift the happy couple this miniature speaker with impressive sound capability. It’ll take up virtually no space, is sleek enough to add to a modern décor vibe, and delivers quality sound at an impressive range.

Special Deliveries

Since your friends likely won’t have room for an in-home wine cellar, give them the gift of a monthly surprise with a wine subscription like Winc, Cellars Wine Club, or Vinebox. Not sure which service to choose? Urban Tastebud has this handy write-up and ranking, so you can find the subscription services that suits your friends (and your price range) the best.

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