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Everything You Need for the Bar Cart of Your Dreams

Everything You Need for the Bar Cart of Your Dreams

You’ve got the comfortable seating, the perfect coffee table with a seasonal centerpiece, the hors d'oeuvres are in the oven… All that’s missing to pull together your host game is a bar cart with a personal touch. We’ve loved watching the resurgence of this trend in the last few years, and today we want to provide you with a step-by-step how-to on crafting the bar cart of your dreams.

Find Your Perfect Piece

Before we start stocking you up with glassware, tools, and drinks, you’ll need the cart itself. There are so many wonderful options out there; from vintage, to rustic, to minimalist, and even DIY carts, this is where you can put your unique spin on this living room game-changer. Be sure to choose a cart that fits your space and corresponds well with the rest of your living room décor.

The Top Shelf

While you can certainly take your own tastes and preferences into account, a versatile, well-stocked bar cart will guarantee that you have everything on hand to make whatever drink your guests fancy. You’ll want vodka for martinis and cosmopolitans, gin for gimlets and negronis, rum for dark-and-stormies or mojitos, tequila for margaritas, whiskey for a neat pour or whiskey sour, and vermouth for the martini enthusiasts. You can leave these in their original bottles, or spring for glass liquor decanters if they fit your aesthetic.

Tools of the Trade

Now that you’re well-stocked, let’s talk bar tools. In order to start mixing, you’ll need a cocktail shaker, a bar spoon, and a jigger. Shakers will allow you to mix up all kinds of drinks, a bar spoon is essential for stirring ingredients in a tall glass, and a jigger is your go-to measurement device for the perfect ratio of ingredients. You may also want to invest in a strainer, which will allow you to pour drinks that have been shaken or stirred in ice sans pesky ice chips. Last but not least, you’ll need an ice bucket. Having ice on hand is crucial, and your guests will appreciate not having to walk back and forth to the kitchen to refresh their beverage. This is another area of your bar cart where you can showcase your personal style. With so many different options, this is a fun one to shop for.


The perfect cocktail deserves the perfect vessel. Depending on your personal preferences and the amount of space you have, you’ll want to prioritize the glassware you think you’ll use the most. A set of rocks glasses is versatile for drinks like whiskey pours, old-fashioned’s, and margaritas, so these are good to have on hand. Ikea has a very affordable option that might allow you to splurge in other areas. If you’re more of a martini-drinker it may be worth it to stock up on those as well. And whether you’re a wine-lover or not, a good set of wine glasses is a must. Nothing spoils a nice bottle of red like having to drink it out of a cup.

A Personal Touch

We’ve taken care of all the essentials, and now it’s time to finish off your bar cart with a personal touch. This could be a seasonal garnish like flowers, or even a set of funky coasters to complement your new living room piece. Whatever it is, make it yours, and you’ll be all set and ready to be the host of the year.

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