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Quick and Easy Hacks to Cut Down on Bathroom Clutter

Quick and Easy Hacks to Cut Down on Bathroom Clutter

The smaller the space, the more likely it is to become disorganized and cluttered quickly. Today, we’re sharing our tried-and-true tips for getting rid of bathroom clutter for good!

Here's where you can get started:

A Purge to Start

With any decluttering project, you always want to start with a purge. For the bathroom, we recommend taking every item out of your medicine cabinet, the shower and any shower caddy you may have, and the cupboard under your sink. Line the items up on a large surface so you can easily see what you have and toss anything you haven’t used in recent memory. You’ll be surprised at how many expired prescriptions and overly bulky packages are taking up precious cargo space in your bathroom.

Repurpose your Medicine Cabinet

Despite the name, your medicine cabinet actually isn’t the best place to keep your prescriptions. In addition to the unnecessary clutter of old or outdated medicine, the bathroom tends to be a damp environment that’s subject to the type of moisture and condensation that can negatively affect expensive and important prescriptions. Instead, designate a shelf in one of your kitchen cabinets for all of your medicinal needs.

A Place for Everything

As you organize your belongings, start to group similar items together. Hair styling products like curlers, straighteners, brushes, combs, and hairspray should live in a designated bin under the sink that can be pulled out while you style your hair and neatly returned to its out-of-sight place as soon as you’re done. Maximize your drawer space by using a drawer organizer with several dividers to organize different types of makeup. Brushes and tools can go in a larger compartment, while lipsticks, foundations, blushes, and eye makeup each get their own designated corner. As you go through your makeup, be honest with yourself about what you still use on a regular basis. Old or expired makeup can contain bacteria that irritates the skin. Purge it!

Utilize your Wall Space

Instead of letting clutter build up on your counter, find a place on the wall to hang organizational tools. A hanging row of mason jars above your sink is a stylish and simple way to store things like toothbrushes, Q-tips, and cotton balls for easy access. Your guests will appreciate being able to grab a quick everyday necessity without having to root through your cabinets and drawers.

If you’re short on closet space, look into mounting storage or shelving for towels and extra toilet paper above your toilet. This can be inexpensive, and even as simple as a repurposed wicker basket turned on its side. If you’re careful about the weight of the items on your shelf, you can even use command strips so you don’t damage the wall.

Use a Lazy Susan

There’s no reason this handy organizational aid can’t be used outside the kitchen. Install a two-tiered lazy Susan in your medicine cabinet or vanity space below your sink for easy access to frequently used lotions, hair products, vitamins, and other cosmetics. This way, you won’t ever again have a cascade of fallen-down products while trying to reach the one in the back.

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