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Social Media Tips for the Multi-Family Industry

Social Media Tips for the Multi-Family Industry

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are many peoples’ main sources of news, entertainment, and daily interaction. When cultivating a multi-family community and spreading the good word about all that community has to offer to both current and prospective residents, your social media reach may be your strongest tool. Today, we tackle tips for growing your audience, engaging your followers, and maintaining a positive social media presence.

Stay Active

The key to a wide reach and an engaged following is to stay active and post regularly. On Facebook and Instagram, this could mean regularly posting pictures of community events, amenities, and residents enjoying themselves in communal spaces. On word-centric platforms like Twitter, tweet out reminders about community events or any newsworthy alerts that will affect your residents. When your social media platforms are consistent, residents will come to rely on them which will boost your follower retention. Be sure to make your posts shareable and take advantages of hashtags so that new and prospective residents can also be reached.

Pay Attention to Trends

Assign your social media outreach to one or two savvy team members and instruct them to pay attention to trends once they start posting. Take note of the number of likes and interactions certain types of posts get and increase the posts that garner more traffic. It may also be wise to pay attention to what time of day you’re posting, and how this affects who sees and interacts with your posts. Once you’ve determined the popular days and times to post, use a service like HootSuite or Timely that will allow you to schedule social media posts for the most efficient times.

Monitor Messaging

These days, messages from current or prospective residents can come through all types of social media platforms, be it a direct message on Twitter or Instagram, or a comment on a Facebook post. Be sure to have someone dedicated to monitoring these channels at all times and providing timely, friendly, and knowledgeable feedback to any questions or comments that come through. It is important for your residents to feel heard, and it sends a message of competence and professionalism to any prospective residents browsing your page.

Make Sure You Stay Compliant with Fair Housing Law

Just like any other material describing your community, it is of utmost importance that your social media content stays compliant with fair housing laws. The goal of social media outreach is to make all types of people feel welcome in your community, so make sure your social media team is well-trained and knowledgeable about the language they use to represent your community online. A positive social media presence makes for a happy multifamily property.

Questions about social media or anything else multi-family related? Contact us today, we’re happy to help!