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No Heat Summer Meals to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

No Heat Summer Meals to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

‘Tis the season for iced coffee, air conditioning, and hopefully sneaking off to the beach early on Friday afternoon. When the temperatures are rising outside, the last thing you want to do is preheat your oven or stand over a hot stovetop waiting for water to boil while your AC unit works overtime to combat the kitchen heat. Today we’re giving you four quick and easy no-heat recipes for hot summer days.

Caprese Salad

This fresh, seasonal dish is a summer favorite for good reason. Tomatoes are in their prime and the timeless pairing of mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette can’t be beat. Simply alternate the tomato and mozzarella on your favorite serving platter, cut up some fresh basil to top, drizzle vinaigrette over your mixture, and serve. This is perfect as an appetizer, and while it’s a simple dish to make, it always looks elegant when plated and is a great thing to bring to any summer gathering you may be attending.


Any time a recipe calls for sushi-grade fish and avocado, we’re in. Ceviche can be made with salmon or tuna; both are delicious, refreshing, and will wow your friends and family. We love this salmon ceviche recipe, as it incorporates orange, lemon, and lime for a super summery taste. Feelin’ tuna instead? Try this simple classic.

Overnight Oats

If oatmeal has been your go-to healthy, fiber-dense breakfast all year, it can be a bummer when the thermometer hits 80 degrees before your morning commute. But fear not, overnight oats will quickly become your new go-to and may even save you some time in the morning to hit snooze. All you need is half a cup of steel cut oats, half a cup of your preferred milk, and whatever add-ons you please. A cut up banana can help to sweeten your oats, but you can also add chia seeds, berries, protein or nut powders, coconut, or granola. Experiment to find your perfect combo, prep in a covered container, and stick in the fridge before you go to bed at night. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!

Mediterranean Spread

A platter of fresh vegetables, flatbread, and dip is the perfect summer afternoon snack or appetizer that doesn’t require any heat, or much time, for that matter, to prep. Simply cut up some fresh bell peppers, cucumbers, and carrot slices, grab some pita chips or bread, and prepare your very own hummus or tzatziki dip. Add some almonds, olives, and apricots to your platter to mix it up. Here’s a great go-to hummus recipe—no heat required!

In need of a chef-inspired kitchen to prepare these yummy no-heat meals and more this summer? Contact an Olympus Property near you today!