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Host the Perfect Summer Gathering with these Quick Tips

Host the Perfect Summer Gathering with these Quick Tips

Now that Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, summer is officially in full swing, which means it’s the perfect time to host your first outdoor gathering of the year. Instead of competing for those few coveted outdoor seats at your local watering hole, bring the party to your own backyard where you have the freedom to add a personal touch. Not sure where to start? Follow these tips to ensure a summer gathering worth remembering.

Save the Date

With hectic schedules and holiday weekends, it can be tough to corral the whole crew. Instead of picking the obvious summer dates, like July 4th or Labor Day Weekend, decide on a quieter weekend night when the chances that everyone hasn’t jetted out of town are much higher. Once you’ve settled on your perfect calendar day, send out the invite at least two weeks in advance. Your friends and family will be excited to mark their calendars—who needs a formal reason to celebrate?

That Perfect Summer Dish

Whether your get together is a day or nighttime affair, delectable snacks are a must. To start, whip up this refreshing summer cucumber salad, perfect for warmer nights and quick and easy to make. For your main course, try this spin on a summer classic.


Now that you’ve got the menu locked down, it’s time to figure out drinks. Lighter fare and warmer weather calls for cool drinks that won’t weigh you down. Lucky for us, New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov broke down this summer’s 20 best wines under $20.00. If summer cocktails are more your style, try this three ingredient mezcal margarita or if you’re feeling bold, this festive mint julep. Staying hydrated in the summer months is always a priority, so make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on hand as well. Try cucumber-infused water for a cool, refreshing twist.

Set the Mood

Any seasoned party planner knows that ambiance is subtle but key in creating a warm and inviting environment that will put your guests at ease and allow everyone to enjoy themselves. The great outdoors provides the perfect natural backdrop, and you can add your own touch by decking your space out with tiki torches. Not only do they provide the perfect glow, but they also act as mosquito repellent so you can enjoy your company in peace.

Now that you’ve got your date, the menu, a refined drink selection, and an outdoor space decked out with festive lighting, just throw on your favorite playlist and you’re all set to host the summer gathering of the year!

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