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Snooze Better With These Bedroom Decor Tips

Snooze Better With These Bedroom Decor Tips

We often blame a lack of sleep on anxiety, diet, and health concerns. While these are all legitimate reasons for tossing and turning, there is one variable that can easily be managed.

The decor of your room can have a large impact on the quality of your sleep. Light, clutter, sound management, and other design elements can have a huge impact on your ability to successfully hit the pillow. As a sanctuary for sleep, the bedroom should be a relaxing escape from daily responsibilities and provide an oasis for sound shuteye and relaxation.

Here are some tips on how you can alter your bedroom for better sleep:

Clean Up!

According to Jayme Barrett, the best-selling author of Feng Shui Your Life, “A messy area symbolizes unfinished business and keeps your mind in an anxious state.” The awareness of clutter can leave a mind racing with anxiety and concern. As a time to recharge, if sleep is plagued by the subconscious and conscious thoughts of dirty laundry, paper piles, and chaos, you'll be less likely to stay energized and motivated the following day. Take the time to give every necessary item in your room a home. While you're at it, dispose and remove of possessions that you no longer need. Afterwards, make it part of your bedtime ritual to place everything in their respective spots. Not only will you sleep soundly, but you'll also be the proud owner of a consistently clean room.

Opt For Dark Curtains

There's nothing like waking up, peeling back curtains, and taking in the warm sunshine before you kickstart your day. While light and delicate lace curtains are appealing, reserve them for kitchens, living rooms, offices, and other common areas. The bedroom should be optimized for shuteye, which makes darker curtains the perfect accent for your bedtime oasis. Having trouble picking a color? Refer to this helpful guide featured on The Spruce.

Find Your Signature Scent

One of the most satisfying ways to wind down is with spa-like pleasures. After sprucing up the room, brushing your teeth, and washing your face, treat yourself to the scents of essential oils and calming sounds. Essential oil diffusors essentially act as humidifiers that expel scented water vapor. Place one next to your bed and enjoy the scents of eucalyptus, bergamot, and cinnamon as you snooze. For added relaxation, spray your pillow with a mixture of lavender and water. Once your head retires, it will sink into pleasant floral scents as you doze off.

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