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3 Tips For Organizing Your Closet

3 Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Spring is the perfect season for sprucing up your closet. When swapping out coats for tank tops and boots for sandals, take a moment to step back and assess ways to organize, categorize, and optimize your wardrobe.

As sleek and spacious canvases, Olympus closets give residents the tools they need to easily display and access their favorite clothing items. If you're looking to further enhance your wardrobe, here are some steps you can take:

Place Items at their Appropriate Heights

If your closet is equipped with bars of different levels, utilize the different heights for appropriate clothing items. Hang shirts on the top bar, and fold bottoms over hangers on the lower bar. Then, you can step back and visually assess styling options. If your closet has high shelves, place hats above your hanging items for the same effect. This way, upon opening your closet, you'll be able to visualize a potential outfit instead of tearing through drawers for an item you may or may not commit to.

Invest in Durable & Uniform Hangers

Over the years, our hanger collections pile up, leaving us with a mismatched array of colors, sizes, and materials that our clothes live on. While hoarding hangers may feel thrifty, the resulting aesthetic is anything but appealing. Take five minutes to sort through your hangers and find a sturdy kind that you like. After recycling or giving away the rest of your collection, order matching or similar batches from Amazon. Upon their arrival, add them to your closet, step back, and enjoy your new harmonious display.

Turn To DIY For Obscure Items

Unfortunately, closets are not designed to hold every type of item. If you're a lover of watches, you won't find a sleek watch display adjacent to your sweaters. For obscure items that you collect and love, take matters into your own hands and construct your own display. If your jewelry currently lives in a bowl on your dresser, find unique and fun DIY display ideas here. If you never leave your apartment without a pair of sunglasses, these Pinterest projects would look fantastic on the inside of a closet door.

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