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A Room-To-Room Guide For Apartment Plants

A Room-To-Room Guide For Apartment Plants

Spring is officially in bloom! With enhanced feelings of renewal, vibrant colors, and fresh scents all around us, we're ready to embrace the season in and outside of our apartments.

After frolicking amongst budding flowers and sweet sunshine, retreat to even more flora in your home. With ample sunlight, temperature control, and complimentary designs, Olympus apartments offer perfect dwellings for the plant enthusiast.

For those looking to intertwine greenery into their design aesthetic, it's important to be mindful of what kinds of plants are compatible with certain spaces. If you're in need of some assistance, this definitive room-to-room guide will help you and your green thumb create a resilient range of happy and healthy indoor plants.


Did you know that the kitchen is typically the most frequented room in an apartment? For this reason, it's one of the best places to arrange verdant displays. For a decorative element, place a potted Golden Pothos (also known as Devil's Ivy), on a shelf or raised cupboard so its cascading leaves will complement the area below. For a healthy addition, incorporate a spider plant, whose long leaves will gobble up carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide resulting from cooking fumes.

Living Room

Fill an empty living room corner with an exotic snake plant. Its large size and vertical shape makes it the perfect standalone piece for spacious rooms. Plus, its striking looks will serve as a conversation piece when hosting dinner at your place. Another bold and refreshing addition to this space is the peace lily. As an easy-to-grow plant, it will also replenish the area and raise humidity levels by as much as 5 percent.


Sleep soundly with an increased flow of oxygen and eliminated airborne toxins courtesy of a weeping fig. This beneficial plant serves as an air filter and a pleasant addition to any space with its miniature tree-like aesthetic.


With a lack of sunlight and temperature control, a spot in the bathroom typically does not bode well for most plants. Fortunately, resilient sprouts like Chinese evergreens, aloe vera, and begonias flourish in these moisture-rich and dark areas.

Are you in the market for a new apartment this spring? Find yourself in the lap of convenience and style at an Olympus home. Contact us today to schedule a tour, or to gather more helpful tips for living an inspired life in an Olympus apartment.