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Design Elements For The Perfect Patio

Design Elements For The Perfect Patio

Patio weather has arrived, meaning it's time to ditch the stuffy indoor celebrations and move our party favors, guests, and hosting skills to the outdoors.

To make the transition easier for your residents, here are a few tips for designing the perfect outdoor hangout space.


One of the most important elements of any outdoor lounge area is furniture. Finding a balance between comfort, aesthetics, and durability is key. Opt for metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker pieces as they are typically unfazed by outdoor elements. While these pieces can withstand whatever nature throws its way, they may not be the most comfortable. Fun and plush cushions offer a cure for rigid seating and can add a pop of color.


There's truly nothing like an evening under twinkling lights with friends. Mood lighting can alter the entire feel of any get-together, adding a comforting glow to memorable nights. The key to comfy, cozy illumination is making sure bulbs are not too bright and instead emit a golden warmth to the area. String lights are popular in outdoor settings, as the tiny bulbs offer mood lighting and a starlit effect. For safety measures, be sure to also incorporate landscape lighting so residents can see where they're walking. For more lighting tips, click here.

Surface Areas

While seating and lights are obvious additions to any outdoor setup, decorators often overlook surface areas. Avoid giving residents the awkward task of eating barbecue from their lap and be sure to include patio tables into the setup. As with seating, tables should be weather resistant, but should also have a smooth surface. Think metal, teak, or cedar, and reserve whicker for the seats.

Appeal to the Senses

Now that your outdoor space is looking beautiful, it's time to ensure the rest of the senses are pleased on your patio. Offer satisfying beats with surround sound speakers and audio cables for iOS or Android devices. To avoid disrupting neighbors, limit the volume of the speakers to a comfortable level, and relay a friendly written reminder to guests that speakers should be turned off at a certain time. For the palate and the nose, equip the area with a grill station so the wafting scent of burgers will let residents know that barbecue season has arrived. Finally, incorporate florals and proper landscaping to the space so the fresh scents of nature will float through the air.

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