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Master Laundry Day With These 4 Hacks

Master Laundry Day With These 4 Hacks

There are two types of people in this world: those that love folding warm clothes while watching their favorite tv show, and those who feel immense dread as the pile in their hamper continues to grow. Whether it's your favorite or least favorite chore, there are various steps you can take to keep your wardrobe bright, clean, and smelling fantastic.

Olympus has you covered with top-of-the-line washers and dryers found inside our apartments for rent. To make life even easier, here are a few fun tips and hacks to add to your laundry routine.

Make Your Own "Dryer Sheets"

If you love the scent of fresh lavender, but aren't too keen on the price tag of a box of dryer sheets, then this hack is for you. First, grab a clean face towel and douse it with scented fabric softener. Then, simply let the towel dry and toss it into your load. Not only will this benefit your wallet, but it will also lessen the waste in your household.

Sort Your Clothes Prior To Washing

To maintain bright colors, clean whites, and deep darks, sort your clothes prior to washing them. You could simply have two baskets for darks and lights, or, you could take it a step further with designated dark, light, and denim baskets.

Add a Reminder

No matter how many times you tell yourself not to dry your new satin shirt, you'll inevitably find it damaged and crumpled up in your pile upon folding. Laundry can be a mindless task, and we're eager to get it done, which is why reminders like these fly out the window during the process. Set yourself up for success and grab a dry erase marker and write down the article of clothing on the washing machine. You will be instantly reminded to omit your new favorite sweater, blouse, or skirt from the drying process.

Never Lose a Sock Again

We've all fallen victim to the disappearing sock trick. No matter how careful we are, delicates seem to always find a way to get sucked into the black hole in the back of our machines.

Finally, there is a solution. Amazon currently sells a variety of mesh laundry bags designed to consolidate certain items in the wash. Simply throw all your delicates in the bag together, and pull it out when the laundry is done. Therefore, all your socks will be in close proximity to one another, and your items will find their way back to your drawers rather than the abyss.

Interested in gaining more apartment living tricks? How about a new home where you can test them out? Contact us today to chat with one of our friendly representatives to find an Olympus home near you.