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Spring Cleaning: Multifamily Style

Spring Cleaning: Multifamily Style

Spring has sprung! Well... sort of. While snow pours down on Northeastern states, the rest of country is gearing up for the season of sunshine, beautiful blooms, and feelings of renewal. Spring cleaning is underway for residents, but what about communities? Now is the time of year to spruce up your amenities, landscaping, and more.

So, grab your trimmers, and let's get started.

Get To Landscaping

As the most obvious of tasks for your spring to-do list, landscaping is essential when ushering in the season. Now is the time to tidy up bushes, cut dead branches from trees, and reawaken community gardens that didn't make it through the colder months. Even if your community is in a location that's warm 365 days a year, remind your residents of the season with vibrant gardens and polished landscapes.

Update The Gym

Spring is the prelude to summer. This means that residents are itching to get into the gym to prepare for trips to the beach. Therefore, multifamily communities should incorporate a gym refresh into their spring cleaning list. Aside from generally sprucing up the place, also assess the equipment to see if anything needs to be fixed or tossed. Or, add one new machine to the space to entice residents.

Add Some Flair To The Lobby

First impressions mean a lot, which is why it's important to welcome visitors and residents with a little flair when they walk into the building. Some steps to take are replacing any outdated art, incorporating florals into the room, or adding a welcoming rug to the space. Spring is the season of renewal, meaning many are looking for a fresh start. Be sure to incorporate elements of the season into your lobby so prospective residents feel excited and enticed to start anew at your community.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Communal Areas

There's no better way to welcome warm weather than by lighting up the grill and hanging with friends amongst fresh air. Set your residents up for success and spruce up your outdoor communal areas in preparation for endless spring and summer hangouts. First, dry clean any cushions or fabric that may have braved the elements. If you have grills, make sure they are squeaky clean for the first barbecue of the season. For a final touch, pass a broom through the area to rid residents of leaves, acorns, and dirt.

Looking for more tips on embracing the spring season in your community? Contact us today!