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3 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

3 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Spring has not yet sprung, but there’s no harm in preparing early! From florals to sandals to feelings of renewal, there's no time like mid-March to start enjoying the delights of the season.

If you're ready to swap out cold weather comforts for springtime pleasures. Here's where to start.

Dust Off Your Green Thumb

Florals for spring may not seem groundbreaking, but we would be remiss to not include incorporating beautiful blooms into our list. Having plants in your home betters the air quality, improves mood, and brings a sense of life to your space. Before spring officially starts, take some time researching plants that would bode well in your space. Olympus properties offer sunlit spaces with large windows. Therefore, residents have plenty of options. Cascading plants will elongate any space when placed on a high shelf. Looking to fill a corner? Supersize your greenery and add a small potted tree to your favorite nook. Succulents can survive in almost all indoor climates, making them the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Host a Springtime Soiree

As the ice begins to melt and the temperatures creep up, our homebody selves are more likely to emerge from our comfort zones. This makes spring the perfect time to host a party! Celebrate the commencement of the season and host an equinox party. Or, serve fresh fruits and mimosas at a weekend brunch. Did you know that March 23rd is National Chip and Dip Day? Embrace the holiday with a medley of homemade dips and your favorite chips to be shared with guests.

Plan Your Spring Wardrobe

Organizing a spring wardrobe is one of the most satisfying tasks of the season. Swapping out turtlenecks for sundresses and boots for sandals is a great way to ring in warmer months. First, dig up all of your warm-weather garments and add them to your wardrobe. Separate them from cold-weather items as you still may need sweaters and jackets in the following weeks. Then, assess your springtime looks. If your sandals from last season appear weathered, or your go-to dress is just no longer in style, make piles of items to recycle, donate, or sell. Once removed, you can look forward to shopping for fun and stylish replacements.

Looking to start fresh in a new apartment this spring? Contact us today to find an Olympus home near you.