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Easy & Effective Instagram Strategies For Apartment Communities

Easy & Effective Instagram Strategies For Apartment Communities

Did you know that around 96% of businesses are on social media? From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Snapchat, these platforms offer a space for friends to meet and for businesses to connect with their desired demographic. Whether we're swiping, liking, tweeting, or snapping, the information we're consuming on social media sticks.

Due to its sleek design and focus on imagery and video, Instagram is the platform of the decade. Users can consume content from dozens of accounts in a matter of minutes, and can easily customize what makes its way into their feeds.

Amongst all the buzz and growing noise on social media, standing out can be a challenge. So, if you're looking to make your way into a prospective resident's feed, here are some steps to take:

Highlight Local Businesses

An important selling point of a community is the location. Whether you're amongst the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston or nestled in nature in a quaint hamlet outside Atlanta, it's important to highlight the appeal of your surroundings. Instagram is an amazing tool for capturing the beauty of your location. Take a trip to a stylish, neighborhood coffee shop and snap some pics of your experience. Whether it's latte art, a vibrant mural, or your friend enjoying a pastry across the table, capture a moment that a viewer would like to place themselves into. Be sure to tag the account of the establishment you're visiting, as this fosters a relationship with local businesses. Also, they may return the favor with likes, comments, and a follow!

Use Local Hashtags

Speaking of local, it's important to utilize the correct hashtags for posts to attract the right demographic. For apartment communities, marketers typically target people in their vicinity. Therefore, using location-specific hashtags is advantageous. For example, if a Houston community posts a photo of a burger from a local eatery, effective hashtags would be: #Houston #Houstoneats #eatHouston #liveHouston #HTX #HoustonTX #Houstonian. Then, when a local is scrolling through a feed looking for things to do in the area, your photo may come up!

Be Approachable

It's no surprise that consumers are averse to advertisements. When we feel that we are being sold something, we automatically look in the opposite direction. The solution? Don't be "salesly" and blend in with organic content. Capturing daily delights and of-the-moment experiences are more effective than stock photos and sales pitches. A feed filled with locally-sourced lunches, pool days, movie nights, and city views is easier on the eyes than advertisements, and still promotes your community.

Post About Perks

Everyone loves perks and freebies. If your community hosts mixers, parties, contests, etc. be sure to post about them on social media. Not only will it inform followers of how amazing your property is, it will also incline them to follow your account so they never miss a fun activity or giveaway.

Instagram is just one of the amazing tools you can use to show the world how an apartment can become a home. If you're looking for more tips and tricks on making the most of your community, contact us today!