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4 Fun Apartment DIY Projects

4 Fun Apartment DIY Projects

Personal touches can transform any apartment into a home, and what's more personal than crafting something with your own two hands?

Nowadays, you can whip almost anything together with the right tools, mindset, and Pinterest feed. From plant hangers to headboards to nifty accent pieces, DIY projects will please your wallet, eyes, and work ethic.

So, whether you have a free weekend or are looking to tackle a project with some friends, here's where you can get started:

DIY Headboard

A headboard adds the final touch of personality to your comfort zone. Whether it's a statement piece or the complimentary flair to your comforter, every bedroom can be enlivened with this fun addition. Also, it's incredibly easy to make. From faux brass to salvaged wood to tufted velvet, the perfect bedroom backdrop is just a few materials and a free weekend away! Click here to find the perfect project for you.

Upholster Something Unusual

Upholstery doesn't have to be reserved for your sofa. If you're looking to jazz up your space, consider adding fabric to the framing of a mirror. It's an affordable way to incorporate your favorite pattern or hue as an accent. You can also transform photo albums, damaged books, and storage bins into decorative items with the help of a glue gun and a trip to the fabric store.

Create a DIY Hanging Garden

Looking to utilize your green thumb? Give your plant a home with a personal touch and go the DIY route. Simply drill holes in the side of your favorite ceramic pot, attach strings, and voila! Or, repurpose a towel hanger and attach air plants to it instead. If desired, spray paint it copper, gold, or your favorite color for extra flair.

Repurpose Picture Frames

Picture frames don't have to be reserved for family photos. Instead, press decorative items against the glass for a fun and creative look. Are you a nature lover? A collage of leaves and flower petals can romance a rustic, wooden frame. Or, consider using a handwritten poem or favorite piece of writing for daily inspiration. If you want to still incorporate precious moments captured on camera, simply mix things up by organizing a collage of Polaroid photos against the glass.

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