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3 Tips For Pet-Friendly Living

3 Tips For Pet-Friendly Living

If one of your favorite pastimes is kicking it with your furry, four-legged friends, you're in luck. Olympus offers comfortable and stylish pet-friendly living all over the country. So, whether you and your pup often stroll on the beach or jam out to jazz in the streets of Nashville, you can always end your day with your paws up at an Olympus property.

Many of our properties offer exciting amenities such as pet parks and grooming stations. Residents at Cactus Forty-2 can treat their furry friends to a game of fetch at the community's new, beautiful pet park. In Pooler, Georgia, Olympus Carrington residents can take a stroll through its innovative pet walk station.

Despite the modern amenities and spacious layouts that make an Olympus property a pet owner's paradise, there are still steps you can take to make your home even better for you and your furry friends. Here's how:

Design a Designated Comfort Zone

At the end of a long day, retreating to your favorite part of the couch is one of the best feelings in the world. Give your animal friends that same sense of comforting familiarity with a designated spot for them to lounge in. First, find a cozy corner that's warm and away from foot traffic. Next, plop down a bed big enough for your pet to stretch and roll around in. Third, add one or two of their favorite toys into the mix. Finally, step back and watch your adorable pup or kitten snooze in style.

Air Freshener is Key

There aren't many downsides to owning a pet. They're cute, loving, and loyal. Along with these adorable attributes, there is one quality that does not please the senses. They can be smelly. Whether they're overdue for a bath or just came in from the rain, there are steps you can take to keep your pet-friendly home smelling fresh. Did you know that your pantry is filled with odor-fighting products? Mixed with water, vinegar is an effective and affordable cleaning solution. Also, baking soda can be sprinkled on mattresses, linens, carpets, and then vacuumed off to preserve freshness. In the warmer months, keep your windows open and let a natural breeze fill your space.

Utilize Technology

For the technologically-savvy pet owner, there are various new products that are modernizing the life of a dog or cat parent. One of the most popular is the Petnet Smartfeeder. The Smartfeeder allows users to manage their pet's meals from their phone. So, if a meeting runs late, users can feed their little guy with a press of a button. Another new and innovative technology is FitBark. As you can guess, FitBark is a Fitbit for your pup that tracks their steps and vitals.

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