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America's Most Attractive Cities For Renters

America's Most Attractive Cities For Renters

Renters make up a large percentage of dwellers these days, and for good reason. With increased mobility, access to upscale amenities, and a growing appreciation for welcoming communities, it's no wonder people are signing leases over mortgages.

Just like the housing market, renters can benefit from residing in certain locations. Across the country, there are quite a few areas that are especially attractive to the modern apartment dweller. So, if you're looking to sign a lease in an affordable location with exceptional quality of life, here's where you can start.

Gilbert, Arizona

According to WalletHub, Gilbert, Arizona is the 3rd best location to settle down as a renter. This humble haven southeast of Phoenix is ranked #17 for quality of life and #4 for affordability. With its close proximity to the state's capital, a bounty of cultural delights have trickled into the town without compromising its affordable nature. With extra money to spare, residents can indulge in craft breweries, golf courses, ice cream shops, eateries, and more. The hamlet also boasts an amazing school system, sunny skies, and a vibrant community.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Just slightly northwest of Gilbert is Arizona's capital city of Phoenix. For those who prefer bustling city streets over open landscapes, this is the destination for you. When it comes to affordability and quality of life, Phoenix masters both with inexpensive rent, endless attractions, and year-round sunshine. Plus, baseball fans are just minutes from Chase Field, home of Arizona's beloved Diamondbacks.

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Plano, Texas

Sitting north of Dallas is Plano. Dodging Dallas rents and boasting some of the lowest taxes in the region, Plano attracts those seeking Lone Star charm and attractive prices. The inexpensive rent doesn't compromise quality of life as Plano boasts an amazing school system, a wealth of job opportunities, and preservation of its rich history.

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Tampa, Florida

If tropical temperatures and year-round festivals are high on your priority list, consider making Tampa your next home. Compared to other sun-swept destinations, Tampa is relatively cheap and also boasts amazing cuisine, cultural attractions, and beaches. Plus, there seems to be a festival every weekend. From Tampapolooza to the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival to the Sunset Music Festival, your weekends will be constantly booked in this festive haven.

Nashville, Tennessee

Find yourself amongst the artistic flair and southern comfort of Music City, Tennessee. In recent years, Nashville has grown in popularity due to its thriving music scene, delectable culinary options, and affordable housing. With around 35,000 people moving to Nashville per year, its allure is no secret.

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