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5 Handy-Dandy Kitchen Hacks

5 Handy-Dandy Kitchen Hacks

A kitchen is a chaotic place. From slicing and dicing to cooking and baking to finally eating and relaxing, it's one of the busiest rooms in the house.

Interested in smoothing out your kitchen experience? Chop, stir, and feast in peace with these handy kitchen hacks.

Pantry Door Cheat Sheet

It may seem elementary but cooking measurements still stump a good majority of home cooks. Especially in a world where ounces, cups, pints, and quarts intersect, it's handy to have access to conversions and equivalents. The solution? Apply a blackboard to the inside of a pantry or cabinet door. Then, write down useful measuring equivalents in a neat format. For bonus points, hang your measuring cups and spoons underneath for easy access.

Master Hard-To-Open Jars

Do you often find yourself wrestling with stubborn pickle jars? Give your muscles a break and wrap a rubber band around the lid to improve grip. If you're still struggling, grab a butter knife, rotate it to its dull side, and whack it against the lid to loosen it up.

Clean Your Blender in a Snap

When cleaning a blender, keep your hands away from the sharp blades and use its most basic function to keep it sparkly and clean. First, fill it halfway with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Then, let the blender run for 30 seconds. Dump the water out, give it a rinse, and ta-da! Time to let it dry.

Keep Your Stainless Steel Stainless

No need to clutter your cabinets with extra cleaning supplies. Did you know that glass cleaner is extremely effective on stainless steel? Plus, it's often cheaper than other cleaners. The next time you're washing your windows or mirrors, take a quick trip to the kitchen and quickly wipe down your appliances for a flawless finish.

Make a Spice Shrine

It's no secret that we love showing off our spices. In our recent post, Tips For Containing Clutter, we recommended putting them on display in labeled mason jars and fun racks. If you're still inspired by this tip, click here to find endless creative ways to store those colorful spices with flair.

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