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Get Organized: Tips For Containing Clutter

Get Organized: Tips For Containing Clutter

When it comes to clutter, we're often stuck in a cycle of constantly picking up after ourselves, only to have to do the same days later. If you're looking to break the pattern, the trick to living a clutter-free life is setting yourself up for success and forming good habits.

So, if you've always dreamed of being one of those effortlessly "clean" people, here are some fool-proof tips.

1. Create a System for your Mail

Paper piles are an outdated yet constant nuisance in our lives, and the worst offenders are the scattered stacks of mail lying around our apartments. This year, contain the chaos and first digitize as many bills, receipts, and notices possible (the planet will thank you). Next, create a habit where instead of plopping down piles, do the following instead: First, immediately recycle any junk mail, then deal with time-sensitive issues asap, and finally create a designated spot for important items to be handled later. With this system, your apartment won't resemble a mail room AND you'll be more efficient with your bills, invites, etc.

2. Compartmentalize Your Closet

Most closets have designated sections for shirts, pants, sweaters, shoes, etc. While this sounds effective, it's simply a good start. Go the extra mile and consider sectioning off your compartments even further. For example, divvy up your shoe section with an area devoted to boots, flats, sneakers, etc. (Pro tip: If you live in cold weather, consider putting sandals in storage during these chilly months.) For sweaters, separate cardigans from pullovers to simplify your search. Olympus walk-in closets make this task more than manageable with spacious layouts and helpful designs.

3. Use Kitchen Items as Decor

Not all kitchen items should be stuffed in a cabinet. There are plenty of necessities that can double as decor! Relocate your spices from their concealed location to the counter by creating an organized display. Find small glass bottles with erasable labels and transfer the colorful contents into them. Next, purchase a stand or a unique rack and prop them up! Glass jars make beautiful homes for other kitchen essentials such as rice, quinoa, sugar, cookies, candy, etc!

4. Tackle Your Entryway

If you're one of those people who leave a path of items trailing from your doorway to the couch, this one is for you. We respect your right to plop but also encourage you to set yourself up for success by creating designated locations for your items in your entryway. For example, purchase wicker baskets for your umbrellas, shoes, etc. Make sure there are plenty of hooks so your winter jacket, rain coat, or light parka doesn't end up on the floor. Those keys? Never lose them again and find a cute dish or small wall hook to place them in the second you return home. The trick is to designate a spot for each type of item so you can drop your stuff and relax without the mess.

Interested in making the most of your Olympus home in 2018? Contact us for more tips and tricks, or find yourself in the mix and schedule a tour today!