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Industry Insights: Go Green in 2018

Industry Insights: Go Green in 2018

2018 is here and with it comes aspirations to fine-tune our habits and become the best versions of ourselves. This year, we're thinking green with our resolutions, and have therefore rounded up a list on how to master the art of eco-living in multi-housing in 2018.

Here's where you can get started.

Get Certified

Communities that consistently demonstrate water and energy conversation are rewarded with a certificate of recognition. A variety of organizations credit those who prioritize the environment including EPA Energy Star, OMG Energy & Sustainability Scorecard, and the U.S. Green Building Council LEED. Now more than ever, renters have prioritized their footprints on the environment and will find these accreditations reassuring to their beliefs. So, conserve and sustain your way to that gold star, and then wear it with pride.

Coexist With Nature

Plenty of Olympus communities are nestled amongst native trees, ponds, and foliage. We find that coexisting with nature lends to a better living experience rather than replacing greenery with concrete. So, when constructing a new community, assess the natural landscape and design your community around it. A Willow tree would provide the perfect shade for a dog park. A small pond may be the picturesque picnic setting a renter is looking for. At Cactus Forty-2, residents can enjoy mature trees native to Phoenix, Arizona decorated throughout its landscape. In 2018, celebrate the environment and nestle your community into nature.

Utilize Your Roof

Space is valuable, which is why it's important to think vertical when designing the layout of a community. Rooftop attractions are not only luxury amenities, but also eco-friendly locations for pools, social spaces, outdoor kitchens, etc. Reserve room for parks, trails, and nature on the ground floor, and enjoy modern amenities above the trees.

Accept Electronic Payments

If you have yet to convert to electronic payments, 2018 is the year to rid yourself of endless folders and utilize the world-wide-web for collecting rent. The practice is not only good for conservation efforts but also provides a seamless payment process that modern renters have already adapted to.

Educate Residents on Recycling

It's a no-brainer that residents should have access to recycling in their apartment homes. In 2018, take the next step and make sure communal spaces are not only equipped with appropriate cans but also helpful guides on what is recyclable in your state. According to a report from Stamford University, between 60 and 80 percent of recyclables are actually recycled. Meaning, plenty of that blue bin is heading straight for the landfill. A clean diagram will educate those in your community, and also inspire them to do their part.

For more tips on making the most of your community in 2018, contact us today.