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Casper is full of opportunities for outdoor recreation all year long. But it’s no secret that spring is one of the best times of year to enjoy an outdoor workout adventure with the mild weather and the local plant life blooming. Don’t settle for another jog on a treadmill that leaves you in the same place you started. Head outside for a fun way to get your heart rate up.

Bridle Trail at Rotary Park

This trail is 4.5 miles of beautiful views that just get better and better as you climb. You’ll likely encounter wildlife – deer, in particular – and get to see the beautiful flora of the area, including ponderosa pines and aspens. It’s a steep trail, which makes for a great workout, not to mention bragging rights. Locals get a little extra Casper street cred when they can say they’ve reached Split Rock. Best of all, the trailhead is near Garden Creek Falls, considered a favorite mountain escape for locals. Pack a healthy picnic lunch and enjoy it near the beautiful waterfall when you’ve finished your Bridle Trail hike.

Mountain Biking Trails

Casper has endless opportunities for mountain biking. Check out Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park, the Platte River Trails (see below), or Casper Mountain for biking adventures. You can also explore Muddy Mountain Trail, where you’ll find yourself happily lost among the trees. There are dozens of side trails that fork off the main one, leading to all kinds of adventures in the woods. Crossroads Park Trail begins at Mike Lansing Field and is a great trail for beginners – not to mention being super accessible thanks to its downtown-adjacent location. You can explore the scenic areas along the North Platte River here. Or try the Eadsville Trail, 4 miles of fun at 8,000 feet and gorgeous granite rock features.

The Platte River Trail System

Casper is home to the North Platte River, which is a beloved feature of the city and also home to the Platte River Trail System, which winds through the city over the span of eleven miles. Whether you’re jogging, walking, cycling, or rollerblading, you’ll get to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by nature’s most beautiful scenery. Along the trails, you’ll find wildlife sanctuaries, mountain views, and interpretive signage to help you get to know the area better.

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