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When you think of Lego’s you might think of playing with blocks as a child. However, a recent article from The Guardian found that investing in Lego sets is more lucrative than gold. How can you get in on this new investment trend to grow your future? We’ll tell you!

Which Sets Will Multiply

If you’re wondering which Lego sets are guaranteed to go up in value, any Disney franchise is a good place to start. In particular, anything from the Star Wars universe tends to turn into big bucks. The current biggest investments include replicas of the Death Star, the Millenium Falcon, and Darth Maul’s head. Other replicas like the Taj Mahal, the Disney castle, and the Eiffel Tower have also increased in value over the years.

Look for Great Deals

When you know which sets are on the rise, keep your eyes on eBay and other auction sites for collectibles. You might get lucky and see one for a good price. The Lego Star Wars Death Star set sells for about $500. Mint sets will always sell for more, so pay attention to the condition.

Monitor New Releases

If you’re just getting started and don’t feel like bidding on some of the current high price sets, you can monitor Lego's new release schedule to find out about upcoming sets that will likely fetch a high price later. Purchase them for the base price, and then just wait for the set to run out of stock. There are several websites that monitor monthly and yearly releases, as well as providing speculation on what will be big value items. Try The Brick Fan to get started.

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