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Jars full of hemp seeds, flour and kernels on a gray counter with a small pile of each.



Soy is everywhere. If you check out the ingredient list on your favorite condiment, vegetable oil bottle, or bread bag, you’ll probably notice it. It also hides under other names like textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, mono-diglyceride and occasionally “natural flavors.” It’s easy to understand why soybeans are versatile and high in protein. It also makes a great alternative for vegan and vegetarian diets alike. While the use of soy is widespread, hemp is trending in a major way in the culinary world. The team at Granite 550 is here to help you decide if switching to hemp might be better for you. 

Why Break Up With A Good Thing?

If soy is a good alternative, why are people looking anywhere else? Soy is among the top eight most common food allergies. If you’re noticing stomach issues or symptoms but can’t pin down a source, the widespread nature of soy might be the culprit. If you’re noticing some bloating after consumption, it may be isoflavones contained in soy. Isoflavones are an estrogen-like plant hormone that can interfere with your natural hormones. There’s been a lot of debate over inconclusive studies of further negative effects, most of which you can read up on in this Healthline article.

Don’t feel pressured to break up with soy unless your body is telling you otherwise. Hemp would be a great addition to any daily routine alongside soy. 

What Hemp Has to Offer

Hemp has been steadily increasing in popularity as a substitute for soy and as a general nutrition source. Hemp seeds have an earthy flavor and offer a similar versatility, whether you use it for oil or a flour base. As far as nutritional value it is a complete protein-like soy, but it does offer less of it. What it lacks in protein it makes up for in heart-healthy omegas and fiber. 

How To Infuse Hemp In Your Life

If you’ve decided to switch out soy for hemp, you only need to pick up a bag of hemp hearts from your local grocery store. Sprinkle the seeds on your avocado toast or make your own hemp butter, oil, or flour to test it out. Here are a few recipes to get you started. 

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