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A hammock with pillows hanging inside an apartment living room.



Hanging chairs are one of the coolest furniture pieces you could have in your apartment home. They’re attractive, easy to assemble, and just downright trendy!

While most hanging chairs or hanging hammocks available on the market are built for outdoors, who says you can’t use it as a statement piece in your living room? Keep reading to get the scoop on which ones you could buy for your place.

Keep It Renter-Friendly

Although hanging your chair from a ceiling stud in the drywall would make for an epic floating furniture piece, there are some risks involved with causing damage or not securing the elements properly. We’re here to make it as easy as ever on you, with a few hammock chair stand options, like this super affordable one or this cool wood one.

Boho Macrame Chair Hammock

While styles of this type of chair are relatively similar, typically light in color with roped or braided elements and tassels underneath, there are still quite a few options to choose from. Keep it very affordable, go for zero frills, or one with an armrest.

Make a Statement With It

Who says hanging hammock chairs have to be the stereotypical boho-chic white with frilly tassels? There’s no rules when it comes to statement furniture pieces, so check out this bright teal chair, this warm-toned striped one, or this seriously cool round one.

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