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Sleeping basset hound with his ears spread out, resting on the ground



Sept. 12 is National Hug Your Hound Day, and you better believe we’re celebrating it here at Granite 550. Send us a picture of you and your dog hugging for a chance to win a gift card. Then, stop by our office or get in touch with us for details. In the meantime, enjoy this list of five huggable hounds!


The droopy cheeks. All that wrinkly, droopy extra skin. The soft fur. The kind eyes. There’s no hound more huggable than these adorable, gentle giants.


These long and spunky little lap dogs, known for their big personalities and cartoonish shape, are infinitely huggable.

Bluetick Coonhound

With a charming personality, those big floppy ears, and beautiful black and blue markings, this sweet hound is impossible to resist.

Irish Wolfhound

These scruffy, wire-haired behemoths are off-the-charts affectionate, making them excellent candidates for a hug!

Basset Hound

Who can resist this stout, droopy-skinned little beast of a breed?

All Dogs Are Good Dogs

At Granite 550, we believe all dogs are good dogs. Are you looking to add a huggable pup to your crew? Consider adopting. Here are some shelters nearby with lovable pups in search of their forever homes:

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