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You’ll never have cause to be bored, thanks to the amazing variety of sights to see in and near Casper. If you’re looking for a fun field trip that won’t take you too far from home, try one of these educational and recreational locations.

Hell’s Half Acre

A short 50-mile drive will bring you to this unique escarpment, named by a passing cowhand who was intrigued by the strange landscape. It features over 960 acres of ravines, rock formations, and caves and was used as a location during the filming of Starship Troopers.

Bar Nunn

Once the site of Wardwell Airport, this little town’s streets are former runways. Make sure to stop by The Hangar, a bar and grill that resides in a building that was originally an airplane hangar.

Ayres Natural Bridge

This natural rock formation is one of only three in the entire country that features running water beneath it. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a few hours of hiking or fishing, while taking in the stunning surroundings.

Tate Geological Museum

Located on the Casper College campus, this museum houses over 6,000 fossils and mineral specimens. With its intimate layout, you’ll have the chance to more deeply connect with the museum’s collections and exhibits. And if you’re a rock hound or amateur fossil collector, bring your mystery specimen with you – the museum’s staff members love to help their visitors identify their treasures.

Independence Rock State Historic Site

Just over an hour away, this field trip will allow you to visit the past and learn about the indigenous people of this area. Covering 27 acres near the Sweetwater River, this historic location is covered with the writings and drawings of the people of the central Rocky Mountains, as well as the settlers who followed the Sweetwater Trail, heading west. It has been called “the great register of the desert.”

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