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Casper is home to a variety of museums that allow visitors to explore the history of the region and learn more about art, wildlife, and science. If you’re looking for a fun-filled, educational afternoon, here are some local museums you won’t want to miss.

Nicolaysen Art Museum

This museum is fueled by its passion for making art accessible to Casper residents. As the “NIC” states on their website, they want to provide “every citizen in our community with the opportunity to participate in and experience the arts on a personal basis.” Their exhibits rotate regularly and are currently featuring work by Barbara Rogers, Sara Johnson Trujillo, and surrealist master Salvadore Dali.

Tate Geological Museum

Located at Casper College, this museum is committed to providing free educational space to the entire community. Take a look at their extensive collection of fossils and bones, including Dee the Mammoth, an 11,600-year-old Colombian Mammoth whose bones were recovered near Glenrock, and Nicole the Torosaurus, one of the few mostly complete skulls of this genus in the world. They also offer a free lecture series and even opportunities to participate in paleontological digs – hurry and book yours because slots fill quickly!

Casper Planetarium

This facility’s claim to fame is its 30-foot diameter dome with reclined seating which offers visitors a chance to explore immersive journeys through the Milky Way via 360-degree animated projections. There’s also an outdoor observatory with a 10-inch Cassegrain telescope, which allows visitors to look at the actual night sky without dealing with inclement weather. Stop by the gift shop for unique souvenirs and check out their calendar of events for special educational opportunities.

Werner Wildlife Museum

Like the Tate Geological Museum, this educational facility is operated by Casper College and currently houses exhibits that feature over 400 species of birds, animals, and fish. The majority of exhibits highlight local wildlife, but they also carry specimens from around the world – even as far as Asia and Africa!

Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum

This isn’t a typical military museum. Here, you’ll get an up close and personal look into the lives of local veterans from Civil Air Patrol to Cadet Nurses. It's a great way to learn intimate details of how military life affected local community members.

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