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With more than 10 museums, history and culture abound in Casper, Wyoming. Get your arts fix or even a science lesson. Lace up your shoes and get ready for a day at one of these four must-see museums in and around Casper.

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

For an easy-to-digest overview of the entire Casper area, visit the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center. This must-see destination offers an amazing overview of Casper’s rich history. Experience hands-on exhibits that take you back to significant periods of Western history, capturing the real-life drama pioneers endured in the 1800s. It’s almost as if you were among the pioneers.

Fort Caspar Museum

Casper drew its name inspiration from Fort Caspar, a former frontier military outpost that was named after Lieutenant Caspar Collins. The museum features completely reconstructed buildings, including a stockade and a replica of the Mormon ferry that operated in Casper from 1847 to 1849. Guests can also experience what Casper’s first 100 years was like with a stop at the interpretive center.

Werner Wildlife Museum

Get an inside look at the wildlife indigenous to Wyoming at the Werner Wildlife Museum, just a short walk from the Casper College campus. While the museum’s main focus is native Wyoming wildlife, it is also home to many other birds and animals from around the world, with almost 400 species calling Werner home. Appreciate the Earth’s natural history and its inhabitants with a trip to Werner Wildlife Museum.

Tate Geological Museum

Have you ever seen a Columbian wooly mammoth up close and personal? Now is your chance to visit with Dee, Casper’s very own 11,600-year-old mammoth, on display at the Tate Geological Museum. Learn about all of the dinosaurs that once roamed Wyoming with over 3,000 fossil and mineral specimens to peruse. Before you leave, snap a photo with the life-sized bronze juvenile T. rex, just outside of the museum.

Get your history buff fix at one of these four must-see museums in Casper, Wyoming. For all of your other local Casper tips, check out Granite 550’s blog.