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Giant ice formations viewed from below



Ice, art, and light collide in spectacular fashion at Midway Ice Castles 2021. This stunning, social distancing-friendly display has transformed Midway’s Homestead Resort into a frozen kingdom. Castles. LED-lit sculptures. Frozen thrones. Ice-carved tunnels. Slides. Fountains. It’s all part of the magnificent display, which runs into February and is very much worth a visit. Here’s Olympus at the District’s guide to Midway Ice Castles 2021.

How Do They Build the Kingdom?

The work that goes into creating this intricate display is staggering. Professional ice artists hand-place “hundreds of thousands of icicles.” Now that’s some serious attention to detail.

Is This Just a Midway Thing?

Nope. Midway is one of four cities in North America with an Ice Castles display. Cities in Colorado, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin are also hosting frozen kingdoms.

How Do I Get Tickets?

Reserve your spot online. Weekday tickets are $13.99 for adults and $9.99 for children, while weekend admission will set you back $19.99 for adults and $13.99 for kids.

What COVID Precautions Are They Taking?

Midway Ice Castles is adhering to all the recommended COVID-19 guidelines in regards to masks and social distancing. Read up on their approach here.

We hope you have a blast checking out the Ice Castles this winter! Visit the Olympus at the District blog for more ideas for fun things to do in and around South Jordan, Utah.