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Spend Your Summer Trying Adventurous Activities in South Jordan

Start Your Summer with Adventurous Activities in South Jordan

Everyone needs to unwind during their free time, and the best way to do so is to explore exciting activities nearby. Our South Jordan apartments are near well-known places and adventurous activities all summer long. Here are some of our favorite sites and recreations:

Camp at the Great Salt Lake

Regardless of the time of year and your activity preference, the Great Salt Lake offers various campsite activities like fishing, swimming, sightseeing, and hiking. The beauty of The Great Salt Lake is that the season does not stop you from having fun; it is known for year-round hiking. During summer, you can hike and enjoy clear skies, warm sun, and spotting the antelope herds within the area, while winter offers breathtaking views of snow-covered surroundings and frozen waterfalls.

Floating in America's Dead Sea

Take a dip in the water at The Great Salt Lake Marina and experience the exhilaration of floating on water. Unique to the Marina, you lay on the water and effortlessly float regardless of whether you can swim or not. Also referred to as America's Dead Sea, the water has a high salt concentration, which increases its density and allows you to float easily.

Thrilling Fun at the Airborne Trampoline Park

Whether you're looking to conquer one of your fears, complete an obstacle course, get the ultimate adrenaline rush, or engage in team competitions, the Airborne Trampoline Park has it all. The park offers several indoor games, making it suitable for an all-year-round adventure. If you're a Ninja Warrior fan, it allows you to participate in a real-life course to challenge your strength and conditioning. 

Other exciting facilities include wall-to-wall trampolines suitable for kids' jumping fun, a crash pad where you experience a free-fall onto an airbag, and an exhilarating team competition game known as Wipe-Out. 

These are among the top fun to-do things in South Jordan that guarantee a memorable experience. If you’re looking for more suggestions of things to do in the area, check out our blog! We highlight everything, from neighborhood restaurants to the best gift shops in South Jordan. If you're looking to join Olympus at the District, please contact our team. We can give you a tour of our South Jordan apartments.