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A woman recycling a plastic bottle

Recycle Your Old Electronics at South Jordan Shops

Where to Recycle Electronics for around South Jordan

When you have an old phone, tablet, or small appliance, it seems like a shame to toss it into a landfill. Every device has circuit boards, wires, and even the rare metals in a dead battery that still have value. It's always better to recycle something valuable than to throw it away. Luckily, our South Jordan apartments are minutes from local shops with easy recycling options.


We love Eco-ATMs. These automated kiosks will pay you for old devices. Eco-ATMS are like a Coin-Star, but for old phones. There are several Eco-ATMs throughout South Jordan and the greater Salt Lake City area, so you can easily find one nearby.

Best Buy Recycling

Best Buy also offers an electronics recycling program. With a location in nearby West Jordan, the store accepts up to three items per household per day. You can recycle a broader range of devices, including computers, appliances, and cameras.

WM Electronics Recycling

When you need to arrange a pick-up for your electronic waste, you can call Waste Management (WM). This company is generally available in the greater Salt Lake City area. When you contact them in advance, they will swing by your house to pick up electronics you want to recycle. Consider building up a small collection to make each pick-up worthwhile for everyone.

Saving and recycling old electronics is a great way to conserve the metals we need to build new and more advanced devices in the future. For more ways to recycle your old goods, check out local vintage stores. If you're looking for an eco-conservative South Jordan apartment, explore Olympus at the District for modern townhouse-style living with luxury amenities. Contact us today to learn more.