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Home cinema system with speakers and a large tv



Thanks to today’s technology, setting up a top-notch audio system in your home has never been easier. Here’s how to find the perfect setup for your space.

Ask the Right Questions

Do you want your audio system for a home theater or for enjoying your music collection – or both? What kind of space do you have available and how much of it do you want to devote to audio equipment? What do you want it to look like (for example, would you prefer the equipment to be hidden?)? Do you want your audio system in one room or throughout your home? What is your budget? These are important questions to ask yourself before you purchase anything. Your answers will define the kinds of equipment you need and what will fit into your space.

Keep It Simple With a Sound Bar

If you don’t have a lot of space, have a tight budget, but still want amazing audio, you can’t beat a sound bar. These are installed on the wall beneath your television (or can be placed on a piece of furniture if you don’t want to hang it). Most televisions have poor audio and even the lowest quality sound bar will solve that problem. Many also come with a subwoofer for an extra intense audio experience. Sound bars are generally inexpensive, and with many of them supporting Bluetooth, you can stream your favorite music, too.

Buy a Home Theater System

You can get a high-quality sound system without having to learn about all the individual equipment by just purchasing a pre-packaged home theater system. These are for people who want surround sound – they come with multiple speakers that are to be placed around the room, to give you the full movie theater experience. You’ll need more space for these systems, but the good news is that most of the newer ones are wireless, which makes them easier to set up, and more aesthetically pleasing. If your goal is immersive surround sound, this is your best bet.

Try Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers

These speakers are quickly making a name for themselves thanks to their incredibly high quality sound, small footprint, and portability. From Amazon Echo to Google Nest, these are great options for your home.

And if you want to make the most of your purchase, consider these tips on improving your home’s acoustics. Check out the Olympus at the District blog for more lifestyle tips!