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A close up of a man’s hand holding a bowling ball while standing at a bowling alley lane.

Have a Blast at These Bowling Alleys in South Jordan

A great way to spend your free time is to engage in a fun-filled activity such as bowling. Luckily, if you are around our South Jordan apartments and want to try something new, there are several spots for you to choose from. They include:

Olympus Hills Bowling Lanes

For decades, the spot has been known to serve the locals who need to enhance their bowling skills. Olympus Hills Bowling Lanes features stylish and illuminating designs that will set your mood ready to glide the ball across the oiled wooden lanes. The joint is spacious, and an added perk of visiting is that they have several eating joints for you to try out.

Pins and Ales- Draper

This is a modern bowling facility great for leisure and entertainment. It features a friendly atmosphere with special effects lighting that enhances its ambiance, a center island bar, and live music. Pins and Ales- Draper is one of the best bowling venues in South Jordan, and the locals flock here to enjoy its reasonable prices.

All Star Bowling & Entertainment

For over 20 years, All Star Bowling Entertainment has served the local community with entertainment activities. Tucked strategically at the famous Independence Square, you can hardly miss it. The entertainment powerhouse has a welcoming and friendly staff. The ambiance is to die for; a great environment with good music for bowlers to enjoy. They are open from Monday to Sunday, and their prices are affordable. Visit the spot to have a fabulous bowling experience worth every dime.

There is always something nostalgic about going bowling with your loved ones. The feeling of excitement as you make your first shot and the brief moment of silence as you wait for the ball to hit the strike. When you live in Olympus at the District, you’ll have plenty of options, whether it’s bowling or going to an old movie house. Contact us to help you find a home in our apartments in South Jordan.