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Person holding their phone and a pen with a habit tracker journal open on a table with an out of focus cup of coffee on it.



Turning a hobby into a daily habit takes time. Using a habit tracker helps you visualize your accomplishments. If you’re trying to infuse yoga, meditating, or reading into your routine, here are three ways to track your progress.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to mark off every single day to achieve success. Even marking something a few times a week is still better than not accomplishing anything at all. A habit tracker is simply a way to stay motivated and mindful.


Making or printing out a physical habit tracker is one of the most popular ways of habit tracking. There are countless Pinterest boards and Youtube videos for free layouts and Bullet Journal ideas. Taking a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on what you got done and consider how you can do better tomorrow is an effective method. The only catch is you have to make a habit of sitting down every day to stay up on it. If you choose this method, consider writing down thoughts on what prevented you from getting everything done and some ways you can overcome certain obstacles. If you were sick or it was your birthday, it’s essential to give yourself credit for why you did or didn’t accomplish a lot. It will help you stay motivated and also build connective patterns in your brain.


Downloading an app to habit track is super convenient. Your phone is always close by, so you can check things off as you go about your day. Several of the apps also generate graphs to highlight patterns and weak points. Take a look through the many, many apps available and see if any of them speak to you.


There is something to having a physical reminder of your goals. When you can see your journal on the desk or see your jars laid out, there is a constant reminder that you have to face every time you walk by it. In the jar idea, you just need any transparent vase, mug, or mason jar. When you complete a task, you drop a marble, coin, or whatever in. It’s not so much of a daily tracker, but it is a visually appealing way to show progress throughout the month.

Try Them All

Why not try them all? See what works best, or use parts from each idea to create a habit tracking method that works for you.

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