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Pillars of Monument Valley near Olympus at the District in South Jordan, Utah



A local fixture since 1969, the Natural History Museum of Utah strives to "illuminate the natural world and the place of humans within it." The museum is one of the state's top attractions, and you can enjoy a virtual look at its fascinating exhibits from your home at our apartments in South Jordan. Highlights include:


Native Voices explores the storied history of Utah's tribal nations from their early beginnings through modern life. It showcases the importance of language and the vital role that land plays in indigenous identity. The museum's anthropologist also highlights the rich art and cultural practices the tribes still practice today. Learn how they make baskets, cradleboards, regalia, and more. Native Voices was made possible with the help of the Indian Advisory Committee.


Over the last 250 million years, Utah's ecosystems have dramatically changed. Join the museum's paleontologist as he offers a quick look back at the massive extinction event that happened at the end of the cretaceous period. Past Worlds also shows how fossils form and how they are prepared for showcasing at the museum.


Called a geological wonder, Utah is home to three physiographic regions. Land takes viewers on an unforgettable journey through the Basin and Range, Middle Rocky Mountains, and the Colorado Plateau. Along the way, a paleontologist will share the way fossils can reveal how the land has changed over time. You will also enjoy a unique look at how past earthquakes helped shape Utah's valleys and mountains.

The Natural History Museum of Utah is just one of the premier attractions near our South Jordan apartments. To become a resident of our vibrant community, please contact us. Our leasing staff would love to discuss all the amenities that Olympus at the District has to offer.