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Two Brussels Griffon dogs laying in a grassy field.



Many dogs are handsome, athletic, or regal. Then there are the others, with oddly shaped heads, unusual coats, or stumpy legs and wrinkly faces. But sometimes, the oddest assortment of physical features results in dogs that are irresistibly cute. French bulldogs are an obvious example, and currently one of the most popular breeds around. Beyond Frenchies (and really, all those darling squishy-faced breeds), here are four other pups that are so ugly, they’re adorable!

Brussels Griffon

If Grumpy Cat was a dog, he would be a Griffon Brussels. With a perpetually cranky expression, this toy breed is like a longer-haired pug, with a snub nose, mutton-chop facial hair, big dark eyes, and a black or brown, medium-length coat. Oh – and it also has an underbite! Put one in  your purse and take it with you everywhere. 


These little cuties seriously look like ewoks from the Star Wars movies. A terrier with a golden-brown to dark-brown, medium-length coat and darker markings in the center of its face, the Affenpinscher is also known as the Monkey Terrier, and that little face somehow really does look like a monkey or maybe a teddy bear. 


Often compared to a mop, the Puli was originally a Hungarian herding and livestock dog, and is distinctive thanks to its corded coat, which is often compared to locs. It’s a close cousin of the larger Komondor, which also rocks a corded coat. We’re just not quite sure how it can see through all the hair covering its eyes! They make great guard dogs, and still maintain their herding instincts. And once the cords have been established in its coat – no more brushing is required!  


With its wide snout, squinty eyes, and wrinkled face, the Shar-Pei looks like the old man of the dog world. Their laid-back temperament means they don’t need tons of exercise, and they’re intelligent and generally eager to please their owners (although they can be stubborn). Originally bred in China as guard dogs, they retain a dominant streak and are protective and loyal to their families. So keep off their lawn!!

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, consider adopting from one of the local animal shelters or rescue organizations. And check out the Olympus at the District blog for more information about pets, along with lifestyle topics, and details about local events and activities.