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You’ve signed the lease. It’s move-in day. You load in all of your belongings and start to unpack, only to find that this new-to-you space just doesn’t feel quite like home. Just because you are renting doesn’t mean your space can’t feel like it’s truly yours. Follow these six surefire tips to turn your apartment into a home.

Assess the Space

Give your floor plan a really good look and notice any areas where you could add a personal touch. Is there an alcove that’s perfect for a special piece of furniture? Maybe there’s a large blank wall that would act as the perfect canvas for your artwork or photos. Finding these opportunities invites personal touch and style.

Add Textiles

Anything you can add into the mix that’s not permanent is key. Think a jute rug, couch throw pillows, and some decorative-yet-functional window coverings. Woven blinds are easy to install and add a touch of warmth to any space.

Choose Your Decor Style

Home decor can act as an expression of who you are. Before setting out those old pictures or chotchkies, ask yourself, does this make me happy? If your decor style needs a rebrand, now’s the time. Don’t go all in, rather build up your collection a little at a time, helping to create that cozy at-home feel.

Sprinkle a Little Decor In

Once you’ve got your decor set, display it proudly. Potted plants, mirrors, candles, wall hangings, and gallery walls are all timeless and lend to that homey feel.

Paint … A Canvas

Your new apartment might not be flashing your favorite paint color. Take matters into your own hands, quite literally, and add a pop of color with your own artwork. Purchase a large canvas from any craft store and get your Picasso on. It’s an inexpensive investment that will make a huge difference.

Create Unique Spaces

Don’t let living in an apartment limit your possibilities! Think of functional areas around your home that you can create. For example, if you’re always leaving things at the door, create a mudroom space using a shoe tray, hooks, and a bin to catch anything you need by the door. For cocktail hour lovers, a mini bar area complete with a bar cart sets the stage.

A home is a home wherever you make it. Capture your aesthetic through these easy tips to ensure your apartment feels like home. For more tips on living the good life, visit the Olympus at the District blog.