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There’s nothing like moving into a beautiful new (to you) apartment. So many new spaces to place your favorite furnishings, blanks walls ready for your creative touch, and an interesting new neighborhood for you to explore. But sometimes it can take more than simply moving your belongings into a space to make it really feel like yours. We can help! Check out our quick guide to making your home feel a little more homey.

Set the Mood … with Lighting

One key to feeling more comfortable in your space is to make it a little more cozy. Bright overhead lights definitely don’t scream that sentiment. Time to apply your own lighting touch. Floor and table lamps can make a big difference, as can a unique accent light, or whimsical string lights strung strategically through a room. Perhaps swap out harsh, overly bright bulbs for some with a softer, “warm white” hue.

Make it Smell Good

Are there certain scents you associate with home? Maybe you have fond memories of a grandparent’s love for fresh cut lavender. If not, there’s still probably a scent or two you’re quite fond of. Round up some candles, room diffusers, and room sprays in your selected scent and fill the room with your own special aroma. Everytime you come home, you’ll feel a little more like you’re walking into a space that’s truly yours.

One Word: Plants!

You may have never cared for a single one of these little dirt-swimmers before, but now’s as good a time as any to get started. If you’re new to plants, they’re obviously not going to remind you of days gone by, but can add a sense of peace and tranquility. And we can all use a little more of that.

Bust Out the Heirlooms

Another easy way to make home feel more like home, is to incorporate a little bit of your childhood home. Get out those goofy hand-me-downs and framed photos and put them on full display. Now, isn’t that better?

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