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Six buildings. Six stories high. Two underground passages. Infinitely fear-inducing. Fear Factory SLC is an absolute monstrosity of a haunted house. So big that it’s garnered national acclaim as one of the best around. If you haven’t been and are a fan of a good scare, it’s worth a visit. Here’s our guide to Salt Lake City’s famed Fear Factory.

National Acclaim, You Say?

That’s right. Fear Factory has been featured on the Travel Channel and scored mentions on lists of top horror attractions put out by BuzzFeed, the Travel Channel, and USA Today.

How Do I Get Tickets?

Buy your tickets in advance online. Tickets range from $25.99 for standard entry at non-peak times to $60.99 for a VIP package that gets you straight to the front of the line for all the attractions.

Where Is It?

Fear Factory is located in Salt Lake’s industrial district at 666(!) West and 800 South. There’s a parking lot onsite, and you might also be able to find a spot on 700 West. Or you can park at The Gateway and take the Zombie Bus to the factory for free.

The Spooky Backstory

The Fear Factory is set at the former site of the Portland Cement Works factory, which had a penchant for tragic accidents. In 2010, Fear Factory Haunted House acquired the property and got to work making this already somewhat spooky site even spookier. They leaned into its haunted past and now it’s one of the scariest Halloween attractions around.

Just How Scary Can It Be?

Don’t underestimate the Fear Factory! Live actors – and perhaps even real-life ghosts – help bring the haunted house’s many attractions to life. Be prepared to be scared!

COVID Precautions

Fear Factory was the world’s first haunted house to open during a pandemic back in May. The 60-page contingency plan that paved the way to reopen was shared with entertainment attractions worldwide. Check out a much shorter version of the precautions Fear Factory is taking here.

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