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A black kitten sleeps while cuddling a football



The big game is here. Today, Feb. 7, is the day. That’s right. It’s Kitten Bowl VIII time. This year’s epic display of catleticism kicks off at 2 PM Mountain time on the Hallmark Channel. 

Second only to the kittens’ cuteness are the catletes’ names! Here’s a collection of some of the best in the Kitten Bowl’s eight-year hisstory. (Warning: Brace yourself for a flurry of apawlingly over-the-top cat puns.)

Dijon Sanders

This blazingly fast tabby pawsitively dominated the competition in the 2017 Kitten Bowl, much like his namesake(ish) human did in the 1990s.

J.J. Swatts

Good luck containing this furocious defensive cat! He’s not the only Kitten Bowl star with a name inspired by the Houston Texans great. See also: Stray J. Watt.

Cat-son Wentz

There are few competitors as furocious as this handsome face kicker.

Alvin Catmara

This speedy fullcat’s got some clawsome moves.

Baker Meowfield

Unlike the human who inspired his name, young Meowfield won’t subject you to pawful Progressive commercials

Joe Montuna

This cool cat always comes through in the big games – just like the human to whom his name pays homage. Remember The Catch?

Ryan Fitzcatrick

We can only imagine this magic cat has as much swagger and style as FitzMagic.

Socks Fifth Avenue

This handsome tuxedo kitty is all class – just like the department store!


“The Bard” can flat-out ball. 

Terrell Snuggs

This lazy leap tackle lives up to his name. Check him out in action!

The Honorable Mentions

We hope this blog leaves you feline excited about the big game. Be sure to check out the Olympus at Daybreak blog for more fun reads. And no apawlogies for the cringe-worthy cat puns!