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Women admiring abstract paintings at The Leonardo, an art gallery near Olympus at Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah



Are you searching for a museum that explores ways that science, technology, art, and creativity connect?

Then head to The Leonardo.

Established in 2011, this unique museum was once home to the Salt Lake City Public Library, and its location has served the people of the Wasatch Front for almost fifty years.

The museum was created to honor and embody the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, and it's a place where visitors can freely wander and explore.

Exhibits include:


Perception is the newest exhibit, and it focuses on touch, hearing, and sight to demonstrate how your mind manipulates sensory data to form your view of the world. One of the display's highlights is Foley Effects. Foley is the art of creating sound effects in a studio using unusual objects. Such sounds are used games and films, and items on view include whistles, hinges, and crafted instruments.

Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is a collection of exhibits that highlight the innovative ideas, products, and people of Utah and around the world. One of the areas to explore is Women Innovators. It showcases the women who are helping to lead the progression of technology in Utah, and a touch screen introduces everyone to their incredible advancements.


Dedicated to the advancement of human flight, this exhibit explores the science and technology surrounding the ecosystem of aviation. Don't miss trying the realistic flight simulators. Built especially for this exhibit, they are the same kind of simulators that most pilots train on. You will learn how to take off and land, and it is an experience you won't soon forget.

The Leonardo is just one of the cultural attractions near Olympus at Daybreak. To call our community home, please contact our leasing agents. They would love to show you everything we offer firsthand.