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A kitten scratching the corner of an upholstered sofa.



As much as we love our fluffy overlords, even the best behaved kitty can suddenly take a liking to your sofa and start using it as a scratching post or shedding like crazy all over the cushions. And once that happens, it’s next to impossible to catch them every time they jump up for a nap or unsheath those claws and go to town. But don’t despair. You can save your sofa and your sanity with one of these protective covers. 

Stelucca Amazing Shields

The six Stelluca Amazing Shields in each package can be used to cover various sections of your upholstered couch. They’re clear plastic that your cat’s paws and claws will just slide right off without penetrating. You can trim them to size and mount them with self-adhesive pads or twist pins. Since they’re transparent, they don’t stand out too much on your sofa, and they’re pliable enough to wrap around corners and the armrests – often kitty’s favorite targets. 

Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

If you want to accommodate rather than deter your fluffball from your sofa, the Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover is for you. This microfiber cover is water resistant, reversible, and comes in a rainbow of different color combinations, so you can find one that either blends in or coordinates with your decor. This is great to protect your sofa from fur, drool, or any other hazardous material your kitty (or pup) might deposit, but it doesn’t cover the fronts of the armrests. You can toss it in the washing machine and dryer as needed.  

TEWENE Couch Covers

Soft velvet with silicone rubber backing helps the TEWENE Couch Covers stay put on fabric or leather sofas, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can mix and match to drape, tuck, and cover sectionals and unusually shaped or sized sofas. They’re available in three colors, but are not waterproof, and like the Easy-Going Slipcovers, they don’t cover the fronts of the armrests. They’re also machine washable. 

LAMINET Thick Crystal Clear Water-Resistant Couch Cover

This is the nuclear option of sofa covers. When all else fails, a LAMINET heavy-duty vinyl cover will protect your sofa from just about anything you or your cat could do to it, by more-or-less entombing it in vinyl. Let’s just address the elephant, or in this case, the plastic cover in the room. These things are not attractive or comfortable to sit on. But they’re a great option to protect your sofa overnight, while you’re at work, or out of town, from even the most determined kitty. Then you can just remove the cover when you’re using the sofa or have company over. Or if it’s guests you don’t particularly care for, you can leave the covers on!

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray

If protective covers don’t fit or stay on properly, or your evil mastermind of a cat is circumventing all the other measures you’ve tried, the PetSafe SSSCAT Spray might be the way to go. It’s a battery operated motion sensor and dispenser that’s attached to the top of a special can of compressed mist that is advertised as safe for pets and furniture. Place one or two on or near your sofa and they’ll emit a short burst of spray when your kitty comes within 3 feet to startle them away. Here’s a funny compilation video of the SSSCAT in action – you’re welcome!

We wish your sofa and your kitty long and happy lives with the help of these covers. For other handy household tips, check out more blogs from Olympus at Daybreak.